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Welcome to New England & our 3 Friendly Neighbors

 - From Boston - the Hub of New England - to All Six States

A. BIG Big Apple NYC Tour 1-Day

  • f$49pp   Tour & Lunch or Coach

       f$69pp   Tour & Lunch & Motorcoach 

B. Gold Coast - The Tour 

  • Movie Stars & Celebrities Hometowns + Lunch & MORE


C. Boston City Tour  1-Day  f$49pp

      f$69pp for BOTHLuncheon or(&)Coach


​D. North Country Grand Tour

  • 8-Days,  17 Meals   rf$1520ppdo

​​D2  North Country Sampler

        4-Days,  7 Meals        rf$720ppdo


E. New England Coast Explorer

  • 9-Days,  18 Meals        rf1769ppdo

E2. New England Coast Sampler

  • 6-Days,  10 Meals        rf$995ppdo

F. New England Panorama

      See & Enjoy ALL 6-States 

  • 11 Days,  22 Meals          rf$1949ppdo

F2. New England Sampler

       ALL 6 States Highlights

  •  6 Days  11 Meals      rf$945ppdo
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       Maine Coast, Cape Ann, Newport,           Martha's Vineyard, Block Island,             Cape Cod, Provincetown, Mystic or

       7 Lighthouse Cruise




        Maine Coast, BostonVT, NH Lakes          Mountains, Berkshires, Gold Coast,          Block Island, Vineyard, Mystic, 

        Salem, Cape Cod, Newport 

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=    Per Person

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- Everywhere is Within a Four Hour Drive -

Even Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is less than  1 hour from Vermont


We do ALL the Work.

You have All the FUN.

The Story of America - The People - The Land -Part 1


Thank You for Joining us in  Our  New England.


New England Belongs to  ALL of US.


We  ALL  Share in its History, Folklore, and Charm


Since Everything is quite close, You can choose to Combine ...


... MANY One-Day Tours  CT MA RI f$69pp  or    ME VT NH f$69pp 


... Combine easily into Overnight Tours to make ...


... Your "Perfect Tour of New England" ...


Our Itineraries - or Your Itineraries - See QUIZ  and NOTE Below


We do ALL the Work - YOU have All the FUN




... New England Scenic Tours offers You and Your Friends 


 MORE  Tour Itineraries in  New England ...


 and nearby New York than ANY other Tour Company 


- 437+ Complete Itineraries - 1-Day to 9 Days -



- New England - 


    Pristine Lakes  and picturesque valleys with rivers and streams meandering their way to Long Island Sound - or Lake Champlain - or the Hudson Valley, or the Atlantic Ocean. Even New  York City is fewer than 9 miles from New England's Connecticut border.   And, WE have Boston, the HUB of New England, just waiting for You and your Friends.


  Old-Time New Englanders are warm, friendly, welcoming, Yankees, happy to answer your questions and share stories and tales that cover almost 400 years of New England history beginning with the arrival of the Pilgrims in 1620 and who soon thereafter founded Plimoth Pautuxet Plantation.   


     Salem was settled next in 1626 - and we all know what happened there - or do we ?  Boston was settled in 1630 by a small group of Puritans (not Pilgrims) and, even now, "everybody knows your name". Next came Rhode Island and Connecticut in the mid-1630s.  


      We did have some disagreements with the locals - Native Americans, and we did have a couple of disputes - first with France in 1756 and then with England in 1776 - and England again in 1812.  France knew who the "good guys" were, so they came back in 1780 with 6,000 or so Troops and even sent the French Navy - to help us Win our War of Independence.   We have all of the REAL stories about that social exercise. And we haven't looked back. All is quiet and peaceful now, but the history is everywhere and quite visible at, literally, hundreds and hundreds of historic sites.


      Please plan on joining us on one or more of our 437+ delightful New England Scenic Tours - from One Day Tours to more than 10 Days.  If you have any special interests, please tell us what you would like to see - and ... for sure ...


We will happily  Modify  ANY Tour  ...


 ... to suit YOUR  interests  and  budget.



 We do All the Work - YOU Have All the FUN 


Please Take Our  New England Quiz



SAMPLE Only - of FUN Questions given on Each Tour


Question #1  How many US Interstate Highways can lead you INTO                                                    New England ?  

Question #2  Which US National Highways lead INTO New England ?

Question #3  How many Interstates can take you OUT of New England ?

Question #4  How many AUTO Ferry Boat Routes connect New England ...                                                                ... with the outside world ?


Be careful.  Not as Easy as it seems. Think through your Answers.


Answers Can Be Found - Where ?

1. Solution #1 You can find your answers on Google ?

2. Solution #2 You can find your answers on a Map of New England ?

3. Solution #3 You CAN get ALL of the answers from your Tour Guide on                             ANY of our wonderful New England Scenic Tours.


Your Answers ? OK. Give it a try.


 Prizes Awarded ONLY In-Person and Only on Our Tours 


You can Email your answers to us at any "Contact Us"

Special Note

- More ? You would like MORE Tours ? Of Course.We work for You  

This is YOUR Tour - These are YOUR Tours.

   o  ALL Tours are fully Escorted by Professionals PLUS - Local Guides and Historians.    o  ALL Tours can be modified to suit YOUR INTERESTS and BUDGET                      o  Details - Guaranteed - You will SEE and ENJOY and LEARN = MORE FUN, too.       o  Always Your choice - Our Motorcoaches or Yours

   Yes, We have many more Tours and Special Events available.  Please take your time reading through our Websites - 9 Websites covering the Entire Northeastern USA and Canada PLUS Train Tours - Many MORE Train and Motorcoach Tours around the USA and Canada. More than 2,104 Tours.

A Message from the Scenic Tours Family:

In this ever-changing situation, we want you to have the latest information regarding our tours. We are assessing the situation on a daily basis, communicating with suppliers, and ensuring we do everything we can for the safety of our clients, and this will continue to be our top priority as the situation evolves.

We are closely monitoring guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control, U.S. Department of State, and other public and private organizations to ensure complete safety and enjoyment of our guests and workers who make it possible for these amazing life experiences to take place.

We will begin to release updates and information on upcoming tours that will be possible as the world returns to normal. Remember, you can always reach us with any questions you have about your safety and your tour at

Stay tuned for our upcoming Montana & Wyoming,  Vemont and Maine Tours! We are adjusting a special itineraryof tour options and including ALL MEALS that comply with current health and safety regulations. We understand you miss exploring America, and we hope to be the first to offer those life experiences once again!

Your Motorcoach  or  Our Motorcoach ?   1 - Day & Overnight Tours

NOTEWe offer Group Tours ONLY - and ALL prices INCLUDE a motorcoach PER EACH ITINERARY.                The Train Ride experience is Part of Your Tour - Not used just for transportation  

       If you prefer to use Your favorite Coach Company for the entire tour, please let us know the COACH COMPANY NAME and  you can book and pay them directly and we will give you a Credit of $1,000 per day from your total amount due.  

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