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     New York City and Long Island are next-door neighbors to New England, only 2 or 8 miles away (see below).  The first European settlers to settle in New England were, well, English, arriving in 1620 as Pilgrims. The Dutch founded their first trading posts in New Netherland in 1614 (or 1624) - which is now New York. Generally the two colonies were friendly competitors / neighbors after the first 50 years.  Even today, the Red Sox and the Yankees are friendly rivals.  NOTE: Red Sox fans don't always see it this way.  And, to get anywhere in the USA from New England, you have to go through New York State, a fact that the British tried to exploit in 1777 (another story). 

Are you following all of this ?

     The closest point on Mainland USA - New England to New York City - is only 8 miles or 9 minutes - which is why so many people include both places in many Tours.  Actually, there is one village in New York State, with up to 2,000 residents, 236 year-round, and its own airport, that is only 2 miles from both Rhode Island and Connecticut.  Can You Name that Town?

     Less than a 15 Minute drive from New England - New York City - Long Island, the Hudson Valley, and The North Country - are all nearby neighbors to our West.  Pennsylvania in Colonial times was only 70 miles further, so we include it here. Yes, we realize that we left out New Jersey.  See our Middle Atlantic States Tours for our tours to the Garden State. AND Pennsylvania

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   If you prefer to use Your favorite Coach Company for the entire tour, please let us know the COACH COMPANY NAME and  you can book and pay them directly and we will give you a Credit of $1,000 per day from your total amount due.  


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