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New England's 47 Scenic Train Tours 

             Amtrak USA - VIA Rail Canada            

5 Regional Railroads - LIRR - MBTA - NJ Transit - Metro-North

     ShorelineEast         PLUS - 23 Scenic Railroads - 4 Trolleys


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      "Dinner in the Diner, nothing could be finer ..."


      Lounge Cars, Dining Cars, Private Roomettes or Bedrooms.  Even Private Rail Cars are available for Your Group Tours, truly memorable Corporate Events, Wine Tastings, Weddings, just about anything that You can imagine.  Everything in Seafood - Lobsters and Steaks.  Corn-on-the-Cob, Apple Pie - and even Boston Cream Pie.  It is ALL here, just waiting for You and Your Friends.  Come-On, Pack Your Bags ...


    The Railroads are BACK and they sure are FUN and EXCITING   including ... Steam Trains and Trolleys ...    NOTE - Listed below are ONLY the Headings - Actual Train Tours are on listed WebSites.


- Travel by Train to Almost Anywhere in the USA and Canada


    Memories to Last a Lifetime - ALMOST ALL of our 422 Delightful, Historic Tours can include one or MORE of our 47 One-Day Scenic Train Tours or a Complete Train Tour - PLUS - 43 Overnight Train Tours to more than 600 destinations.  Overnight Train Tours to New Orleans, Chicago, Orlando, Halifax, Rocky Mountains, Seattle & Vancouver, Canadian Rockies (3 nights).  Day Train Tours (hotels overnight) include Toronto, Montreal, Maine Coast, Penn Dutch Amish Country, Potomac River Valley, California Coast, Colorado and Rocky Mountains  - Just Use  your imagination.


    NOTE  - ALL Train Tours can be found on our many Train and Rail Tours Websites.  Just CLICK on the "Train Tours" below ...


 - 107 Suggestions - Just CLICK on the ones that you like -


1.   Wine Train Tours  

               - 12 Tours  1+ Days - New England & New York      


2.  New England Train Tours-    47 Scenic Train Tours   f$59pp                                                                               ... including ... 

    "The North Country Train Tours" -6 Trains -3 Cruises in -6 days     PLUS   10 Hearty New England Meals. Lakes, Mountains.       f$995ppdo


3.   New York State Train Tours - 27 Tours                                           Montauk to NY City to Niagara                       Falls  PLUS  24 Wineries. 9 Cruises on Raquette Lake, Lake                      George & Lake Placid, Finger Lakes, more ...  f$79 per day


4.   America - Train Tours -                                                                       (tba) 8 Tours - including    ... Take Your Favorite Train to ... 24  "Great American Cities"               YOUR CHOICE of 24 Cities where you can stop and enjoy the Cuisine, History and Attractions (see the complete list)


  a Trains in the East - Scenic  Amtrak Train Tours - Travel and Arrive by Train - Williamsburg, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Roanoke, Charleston, Savannah, Richmond, Raleigh, Atlanta - Boston - Lake George - Finger Lakes - Maine Coast - Vermont                                                      4-8 days, 7-15 meals,  f$645


   Trains Around Mid-America   MORE wonderful Great American Cities from New Orleans to Memphis, St. Louis, Branson, Chicago, Atlanta, Springfield -           9-13 Days  15-22 Meals   $1,695  


   Trains Around the West Choose your Favorite National Parks                  and Cities, Towns = Adventures


  - Trains to the National Parks - Yosemite, Sequoia, Death Valley -            Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion, Painted Desert, Monument Valley -

         Glacier, Yellowstone, Tetons, Rocky Mountain NP                                                                                           6-16 Days  10-25 Meals   f$995      

  - Trains in the Rockies - Rocky Mountains - Glacier National Park -            Yellowstone, Tetons, Colorado's Narrow Gauge Trains -

                                                                 7-10 Days  13-15 Meals   f1,195 


  - California Coast Train Tours San Luis Obispo, Capistrano, San              Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Missions & Presidios - Hearst - 

                                                                   5-9 Days  8-15 Meals   f$1,095 


  - Trains Tours to Texas & The Gulf Coast - Dallas, Fort Worth,                     Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Alamo, Riverwalk, New Orleans,                 Lake Charles - Branson, St. Louis, Memphis (all 3 op)

                                                               7-9 Days  13-15 Meals  f$995ppdo 

5.   Canada by Train  - 5 Separate Tours                                                                                      


  a.  Canadian Rockies Train Tours  12+ Days 22+ Meals PLUS 3 Cruises 

        Amtrak (or Fly) to Chicago - Lake Shore Limited 49  OR  Cardinal 51 OR Capitol Limited 49 Then  Chicago-Seattle The Empire Bulder 7, Cascades, VIA Rail Canada 2, or Rocky Mountaineer optional  - Amtrak - Mapleleaf 64 to connecting Amtrak trains (or Fly) home.                                                                                                                                                     f$2,295ppdo

   Departs by AMTRAK from Anywhere in the USA. The Northeast - Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC or ANY Amtrak Station OR Join in Chicago to Glacier National Park (US), Seattle to Vancouver - Victoria - Banff, Lake Louise, Calgary, Jasper - Toronto - Overnight  ... and much, much more .....                                                                                              11+ Days  16-22 Meals   f$2,095ppdo 

  b.  Eastern Canada by Train             Amtrak and VIA Rail Canada                      Montreal PLUS Your choice - Quebec City, Ottawa, Toronto,        Niagara Falls Halifax - Nova Scotia   4-7 Days  7-12 Meals   f$795ppdo 

  c.   Atlantic Canada by Train - Nova Scotia, PEI,   8 Days  16 Meals             Montreal, Halifax, Cape Breton Island, Prince Edward Island

                                                          8-10 Days  13-15 Meals   f$1,395ppdp 

        OK, You get the Idea - Train Tours ARE  lots of FUN and surely one of the wonderful "soft" and affordable adventures available to You and Your Friends all around New England, the USA, and Canada.

                               "All Aboarrrrrrrrrrd"

Your Motorcoach  or  Our Motorcoach ?           1 - Day & Overnight Tours

NOTEWe offer Group Tours ONLY - and ALL prices INCLUDE a motorcoach PER EACH ITINERARY.   The Train Ride experience is Part of Your Tour - Not used just for transportation

  If you prefer to use Your favorite Coach Company for the entire tour, please let us know the COACH COMPANY NAME and - you can book and pay them directly and we will give you a Credit of $1,000 per day from your total amount due.  


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